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Eva Mendes and Her Fierce Pup - Celebrities and Their Pets

Sat, 23 Mar 2019 - Animals & pets

Model and actress Eva Mendes has repped for brands like Calvin Klein, Cartier, and Pantene, but did you know her best friend is a trained attack dog? Hugo, a Belgian Malinois (relative of the German Shepherd), is described by Mendes as a “big baby,” but his bite is definitely bigger than his bark.

Eva adopted Hugo in 2011 after a crazed fan showed up at her house in New York. Boyfriend Ryan Gosling encouraged Eva to adopt a guard dog, and the rest is history!

Shortly after Hugo was adopted, he posed in an epic mom and son photoshoot for the Reebok Easytone campaign (for which Mendes was a brand ambassador).

Hugo is truly remarkable. In 2010, as Eva drove she and Hugo around, they encountered a coyote. Acting on instinct, Hugo leapt forward, propelling himself into the windshield of Eva’s Lexus and cracking it in attempts to save them from the wild animal! Luckily, Hugo was okay, and is still by Eva’s side every day. Talk about ride or die!


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