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5 Famous Cats on Instagram: Ragdolls

Tue, 29 Oct 2019 - Animals & pets

Why do people love Ragdolls so much? Easy—they're big, beautiful, loving, quiet, and those big blue eyes will capture your heart! These gorgeous cats are fluffy and make great companions. Did you know that they're a relatively new breed? A breeder in California in the 1960's bred long-haired cats with friendly personality traits to create this unique species. 

We love Ragdolls! Here are five on Instagram who make us smile.

1. Meet Merlin the Mad RagdollHe's a grumpy-faced cat who couldn't care less what you think of him. He's created quite a fan club for himself on Instagram with 264k followers. 

2. Simba is a Mitted Ragdoll, meaning he's got little brown mittens on his white legs. This fluffy fellow has a partner in crime named Honey and share the love on the @simba_and_honey Instagram feed.  

3. This is Skye, with bluer-than-blue eyes. He's three years old, and has two feline roommates, SaKuRa and Muffin. They all live together in the "House of Fluff"! Follow them on Instagram.  

4. Milo is a romantic fellow—or at least his mom is. Roselle Caraway is a romance writer with an Instagram feed full of her three beautiful ragdoll babies—Milo, Igby, and Oswin, and we are absolutely swooning and head-over-heels in love with these kitties. 

5. Ragdoll cats Belle and Beau have the "Bluest eyes on Instagram" according to their bio! They are gorgeous and ham it up for the camera on their feed, which has almost 75k followers. 

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