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Fire Up the Grill for Father’s Day!

Mon, 04 Jun 2018 - Recipes & food

Fire up the grill and surprise Dad with the best Father’s Day yet!

The Perfect Burger

Photo reprinted from The Barbecue! Bible. Photo copyright © Ben Fink.

Gone are the days of dry, inedible burgers. Make Father’s Day extra special by making the best burger ever. Barbecue master, Steven Raichlen, gives us the insider tips on building the perfect burger.

A great burger all begins with the meat. Steven Raichlen recommends that you buy your meat at a top-notch butcher shop where the meat is grinded on a daily basis. He personally uses equal parts of ground chuck and sirloin with a fat to lean ratio of 20/80. Got a meat grinder at home? Experiment and create your own blend of ground meat using different cuts, or try something new and create a blend with different types of meat!

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Vegetarian Dad?

Photo reprinted from The Barbecue! Bible. Photo copyright © Ben Fink.

Dad not a meat-eater? No problem! Serve up a variety of grilled veggies for a vegetarian meal. Most vegetables benefit from a direct, high-heat grilling method, but not all vegetables can be grilled. From leafy vegetables to the fan-favorite corn, you’d be surprised by the variety of vegetables that can be cooked on the grill.

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