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25 of the Cutest Furry Assistants

Mon, 20 Apr 2020

This is an unprecedented time, and some of us are working from home for the first time in our careers. We are all adjusting--and so are our pets! We asked our Workman colleagues to send us the funniest, cutest, wackiest images of their furry friends who have recently taken on a new role as furry assistant. Do you have your own furry assistant? Submit a picture here for a chance to be featured in our bestselling cat and dog calendars.

1. Oliver Bean is busy editing a manuscript for a Page-A-Day calendar. Can your question please wait until later?

2. Mark and Freddy have found some interesting data they need to show you. Can they schedule a meeting?

3. If you'd like to schedule an appointment with the boss, talk to Hazel. 

4. Maybelline would like to know when her lunch break is.

5. Goshen has mastered the work-from-home look: As long as you look busy, you can pretty much get away with anything.

6. Fry's taking a breather between meetings. 

7. Zadie can't let her boss make a color decision without her input!

8. This picture of Boo Boo was obviously taken on a Monday.

9. Gulliver has decided to take all of his meetings from bed for the foreseeable future.

10. Caruso found a really interesting squirrel he needs his colleagues to go look at, right now.

11. Blanca is trying to get some reading done but everyone keeps interrupting her.

12. Olive's three professional strengths are cuddling, snuggling, and napping.

13. No words for this one. This is Little the chihuahua. 

14. Leo is known as an expert in his field. 

15. Wilson always knows when his boss needs a break!

16. "What? Yes, I'm totally fine," says Siloh.

17. Did someone say lunch hour? Pumpkin, Rosie, and Tank are ready.

18. Maybee May and Strummer are never late to their daily meeting! Someone tell their boss how good they're doing.

19. We wish we could talk to Oden every day at the water cooler, he looks like such a sweetheart!

20. Henley is the most professional pup we've ever seen.

21. Julio deserves a raise for...sitting on laps!

22. Lionel is especially good at keeping his boss' seat warm. 

23. Even though he sometimes gets confused by the difference between computer mice and real mice, Freddy is a stellar assistant!

24. BD is hard at work making sure our next Big Fat Notebook is ready for release.

25. Targa does all of her work diligently, and with a huge smile. What more could you ask from an assistant? 

Do you have your own furry assistant who has been working extra hard lately? Submit your picture of him or her here for a chance to be featured in our bestselling dog and cat calendars!

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