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George Clooney and His Dogs! Celebrities and Their Pets

Thu, 27 Dec 2018 - Animals & pets

If you think George Clooney is a heartthrob, just wait until you meet his furry family. This recipient of three Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards has a soft spot for pets.

George made his acting debut on television, then starred in the daytime TV classic ER, and then graced the big screen in many movies, including the popular Oceans Eleven trilogy. George met Amal Alamuddin, the woman who would become his wife, and they became engaged in 2014. The couple had twins in 2017.

But back up! Way before Amal and the twins came another love in Clooney's life—his dog Einstein. George adopted the cocker spaniel in 2010, and Einstein was a constant companion to the actor—they even starred in Omega watch ads in 2015. 

Einstein hasn't been the only pup in the Clooneys' household. In 2015, the Clooneys adopted a rescue dog, a bassett hound named Millie, from the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. They also have another cocker spaniel named Louis. 

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