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Annual Gift Guide: 7 Gifts for Cat Lovers

Fri, 08 Nov 2019 - Animals & pets Books we love

We're well aware that the Page-A-Day community is filled with feline fanatics (us included!). For all you loyal cat lovers out there, we've put together our annual list of our favorite cat products that will suit all your cat-related needs. Want to read something hilarious or ridiculously sweet? Still thinking about that purrfect product from one of our giveaways this year? We have you covered!

1.Crazy Cat Lady Mini Wall Calendar

Today's Crazy Cat Lady is a hip-at-any-age woman who declares her cat love with pride, humor, and—like her cats—an irresistible dose of sass. Crazy Cat Lady Mini Calendar is a yearlong celebration of the quirky, relatable habits of devoted feline fans, with mottos for the perpetually fur-covered: Cat hair, don’t care. Illustrations with charming captions, including a cat pile that’s “#instanthappiness.”

2. 365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar

It’s our #1 calendar overall and the all-time bestselling cat calendar: welcome to 365 Cats Page-A-Day Calendar 2020. Packed with full-color photographs to feed the cat lover’s obsession, this calendar belongs on every feline fanatic’s desktop.

3. Cat Page-A-Week Gallery Wall Calendar 2020

A yearlong homage to feline grace and charisma, the Cat Gallery Page-A-Week Calendar features a collection of 52 beautifully composed photographs to display on your wall. Mesmerizing, superbly detailed, and rich with personality and soul, each weekly portrait is even more captivating than the last. 

4. Engineering For Cats

In this inventive, funny, and highly entertaining how-to guide, Engineering for Cats offers up 10 projects that will improve your cat's life, from a running water fountain, to a cat cave perfect for scratching, to a cozy cat shelf! Get your copy wherever books are sold!

5. A Year of Cat Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar 2020

The irresistible appeal of cats meets the addictive fun of trivia in one frisky calendar. A Year of Cat Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar is a reverent, charming, illustrated ode to cats, with day after day of quirky facts. A jolly gift to delight any cat lover!

6. Litter Robot

You may remember this genius gadget from our Cool Cat Giveaway where we partnered with Litter-Robot to give one lucky cat owner the litter box of their dreams. Litter-Robot is the highest-rated, WiFi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. Never scoop cat litter again while giving kitty a clean bed of litter for each use. What could be better?

7. Necoichi Bow Tie Cat Collars

Have you ever seen anything cuter than this Necoichi Kimono bow tie collar? We definitely haven't, which is why we were so excited to include it in our giveaway. This is a no-brainer gift that will instantly make any feline friend look as handsome and adorable as possible. Browse all of Necoichi's collars to find one that suits your feline friend's unique personality the best.

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