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Annual Gift Guide: 7 Gifts for Dog Lovers

Fri, 08 Nov 2019 - Animals & pets Books we love

Dogs are the best pets ever, right? (No matter if this blog post says differently!) To honor man's best friend, we've put together our annual list of our favorite pup products. From the sweet, to the adorable, to the downright hilarious, we've got you covered on all things dog!

1. Dog Page-A-Week Gallery Wall Calendar

Offering a collection of 52 portraits, in rich color, Dog Page-A-Week Gallery is a reverent tribute to the always unexpected charms of man’s (and definitely woman’s!) best friend. Every week, a gorgeous poster-size photograph captures the individual character of its subject, right down to the intelligent gaze, the intrepid spirit, and the joyful, contagious energy.

2. 365 Dogs Page-A-Day Calendar 2020

More dogs equal more joy, more nuzzling, more love! 365 Dogs Page-A-Day features full-color photos of the hundreds of winners of the 2020 Dog Calendar Contest—here are perky Labradors, athletic Retrievers, and a Terrier whose jolly expression says “Wanna play fetch?” Includes health-care tips, quotes from dog lovers, inspiring rescues, and more!

3. 97 Ways To Make A Dog Smile

Here are 97 foolproof methods and tricks for putting any dog into a state of pure pleasure. The tricks combine the creative gift of touch—unexpected ways to rub, massage, scratch, tickle, and knead—with imaginative play scenarios that are just loopy enough to ensure your dog will be amused, whether he’s laughing with you or at you. These tricks really work!

4. The Dogist

The Dogist is a beautiful, funny, and inspiring tribute to the beloved dogs in our lives. Photographed by Elias Weiss Friedman, aka The Dogist, every portrait in the book tells a story and explores the dog’s distinct character and spirit. And don't forget to check out The Dogist: Puppies, too!

The Dogist

5. Dog Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar

Think you know everything about Man’s Best Friend? Guess again! A favorite pet meets a favorite pastime in the Dog Trivia Page-A-Day. Discover the reason behind canine habits, fun facts about feisty breeds, and spotlights on famous dogs, Q&As, and more!

6. Dog Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2020

The Dog gallery calendar presents hundreds of soulful, spirited dogs for your desktop. A pair of statuesque Borzois in profile. An inquisitive Chihuahua tilting her head. Hundreds of intimate portraits in color and black and white bring out the beauty and personality in every expression—down to the plush fur, the wet nose, that irresistible gleam in the eye—and reveal the essence and spirit of the dog.

7. 365 Puppies-A-Year Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar 2020

They’re adorable, spirited, and as friendly as can be. Featuring full-color photos of the winners of the 2020 365-Puppies-A-Year Calendar Contest, who bring instant joy and comfort to every dog lover. One glance and all is well with the 365 Puppies Picture-A-Day! With training tips and other puppy-care know-how.

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