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10 Famous Cats on Instagram: Persian Cats

Thu, 26 Sep 2019 - Animals & pets

Here at Page-A-Day, we are cat people. We love the long-haired ones even when they shed, the hairless ones even when they wrinkle, and the chonky cats even when they cry for food. Collectively, our staff probably spends at least five hours a day gawking at famous cats on Instagram and sharing the cutest pictures with our followers. 

But honestly, what's cuter than a perma- grumpy-faced cat? The smooshy face--we can't!

So without further ado, here are our 10 favorite Persian cats on Instagram.


Piggy is a handsome Himalayan cat living his best life in Ontario, Canada. He has a Himalayan sis as well named Muffin. His fur is unbelievably thick, and his lion cuts are unbelievably cute.


Luigi is a precious irl model! We can't really say we're surprised though; look at him. His interests include hair ties, sleeping in sinks, and dressing up in bandanas and bow ties.


So serene! Brutus is a Persian who resides in San Francisco, California. He's kind of a bad boy. Loves: digging in houseplants, meowing repeatedly from the kitchen sink, and laying on the bare mattress so his owners can't put on new sheets. Good thing he's so cute!


Clearly Percy was made for the spotlight and boy is he serving us looks. Percy has tons of floof to make up for his lack of teeth--that's right--he's toothless as of five months ago! In our opinion, Percy is our real life Garfield. Thoughts? Comments? Agreed? We thought so.


Is there anything cuter than a kitten with its tongue sticking out? Enough said. 10/10.


Lincoln is a Persian from the Netherlands who now resides in California. He's not angry, that's just his smoosh face! Maybe it's just us, but there is something so endearing about a perpetually grumpy looking cat.


You had us at Lord Pizza Smoosh. She's technically an exotic shorthair, but she still has the classic smooshy face, so we're including her in this list. What a beautiful tortie coat! 


Harry Potter fans unite! It's one of your favorite characters . . . in cat form! Dumbledore is a sweet little guy who loves nothing more than a good, solid snoozefest. If you like sleepy cat photos, this is a for sure must-follow.


Graveskull might have the grouchiest face of the kitties on this list, but she's super affectionate! Don't be spooked, she doesn't want to claw you . . . she wants to give you a massage! That's right, Graveskull's Instagram is filled with videos of her massaging people's troubles away. It's actually really adorable.


Brimley . . . oh wow . . . what could we say that has not already been said? His coat is magnificent. It would be the honor of a lifetime to give him pets. But we're sure he hears that from everyone. Priceless.

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