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Jane Lynch's Rescue Dogs - Celebrities and Their Pets

Sat, 19 Jan 2019 - Animals & pets

Jane Lynch, movie and television star, and host of Hollywood Game Night, is passionate about animals and loves her rescue dogs. Jane now has three rescues, Millie, Rumi and Bernice.

She also had a beloved Lhasa Apso, Olivia. In an interview with Cesar's Way, Jane told the story of Olivia's adoption. “When I met my dog at an adoption fair, I said ‘Olivia’ and she gave me this look that said, ‘Yeah, whatever lady, just get me out of here!’”

Millie is a pit bull shepherd mix, and Rumi and Bernice are both black cocker spaniels.

Recently, Jane rescued a dog who had some severe health problems.  Arbuckle stole the hearts of Instagram viewers and starred in his own feed, "All about Arbuckle." Unfortunately, Arbuckle passed away in January 2019.

Jane Lynch works hard to advocate for animal adoption. In August 2018, she told Parade Magazine, “Every pet deserves a loving human and nothing loves a human more than rescue pets.”  

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Rumi got some jammies for Christmas.
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