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Joe Jonas's Klee Kais - Celebrities and Their Pets

Thu, 18 Jul 2019 - Animals & pets

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You know Joe Jonas as the former teen heartthrob of the Jonas Brothers, but did you know he owns two adorable Klee Kais?

That’s right, Joe Jonas and wife Sophie Turner two of the tiny husky breed: Porky Basquiat Jonas and Waldo Picasso Jonas. Waldo was adopted in April 2018, six months after Porky, who was adopted in 2017.

In their second (yes, they had not one, but two) wedding in Paris, they had Klee Kai Porky Basquiat Jones as a groomsman. Ever seen a dog in a tux? If not, it’s definitely worth a quick look.

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More chic than u. #engagedtofashion
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As with other celebs’ pets we’ve covered here at Page-A-Day (see our posts on Ceelo Green and Lady Gaga), these pups travel the world in style. While the commoners have to ship their dogs in crates or stuff them in a tiny carrier under the airplane seat, desperately hoping the dog won’t do . . . business down there . . . these dogs have entire private planes to themselves. Extra? Sure. But who doesn’t enjoy more foot room?

Have your pets been in your family’s weddings or other ceremonies?

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