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Justin Bieber's Many Pets! - Celebrities and Their Pets

Tue, 19 Feb 2019 - Animals & pets

If you didn’t know Justin Bieber as the teen heartthrob-turned-tattoo-covered pop star, you might think he was a zookeeper! From monkeys to lion cubs and just about every animal in between, this Grammy award winner loves chilling (and posing in Instagram pics) with animals.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber first blew up in the US with his 2009 EP, My World, which not only went platinum, but was the first debut album to have seven songs make the Billboard Hot 100. He has since grown up in the public eye, gotten loads of tattoos, married model Hailey Baldwin, and sold around 140 million records.

While Justin Bieber has a long and kind of weird track record with pets, he is clearly an animal lover. Over the years, he has had a hamster named Pac, a snake named Johnson, a Papillon named Sammy, a chow named Todd, and an American Bulldog named Karma. His current pets are an orange Persian named Tuts (she actually has a Twitter), a Yorkshire Terrier named Esther, and another Yorkie named Oscar¾aka Justin and Hailey’s “dogson.”

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