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Lady Gaga's Famous French Bulldog - Celebrities and Their Pets

Thu, 09 May 2019 - Animals & pets

We all know Lady Gaga as the Grammy award winning pop star, but did you know that she LOVES French Bulldogs?

Lady Gaga has not one, not two, but four French Bulldogs! Her first puppy, Asia Kinney, must have sparked a moment of realization for Gaga because she quickly adopted the other three pups in succession. Asia Kinney, however, is the OG doggo with the most media attention of the four, so we’re going to take a moment to honor this furry superstar.

Asia Kinney not only has 236k followers on Instagram, she has been featured with her mom in ad campaigns for companies like Shiseido, and on the cover of magazines including Harper’s Bazaar and V. She’s even been shot by famous photographer Terry Richardson!


Asia’s social media is chock full of adorable photos. Some of our favorites include her wearing a peacock costume, hanging her head out of a limousine, and celebrating her birthday with a very swanky gift basket.


Asia loves hanging with her family, and seems to have loads of fun with her three siblings.


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