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Check Out Our New, Never-Before-Seen Calendars and Planners!

Tue, 11 Sep 2018 - News

Page-A-Day loves its calendars—and we know you do too—which is why we're thrilled to share with you our 33 never-before-seen calendars and planners for 2019! Of the more than 100 calendars coming out this year, these 33 are brand-new and ready to be shared with you, our wonderful customers. From new takes on our popular pet calendars, to different formats, to totally original and hilarious ideas, we hope you love them as much as we do!

Gallery Wall Calendars


Wall Calendars

Page-A-Day Calendars

Mini Calendars

Gallery Wall Calendars

We're especially excited to present our new Gallery Wall Calendars, as this is the first time we've ever printed calendars in this format! They take up less room on the wall because they're in a simple gallery style—meaning you flip them over to reveal a new date, and can more easily focus on the gorgeous visuals of each page. So far, we're offering weekly and daily gallery calendars. Check them out below! 

Cat Page-A-Week Gallery Wall Calendar

A yearlong homage to feline grace and charisma, The Cat Gallery Page-A-Week Calendar features a collection of 52 beautifully composed photographs to display on your wall. It’s a year of admiration and reverence for our feline companions, capturing their seemingly effortless ability to endear, charm, and inspire absolute devotion.

Dog Page-A-Week Gallery Wall Calendar

Offering a collection of 52 portraits in rich color, Dog is a reverent tribute to the always unexpected charms of man’s (and definitely woman’s!) best friend. Every week, a gorgeous poster-size photograph captures the individual character of its subject, right down to the intelligent gaze, the intrepid spirit, and the joyful, contagious energy.

Art Page-A-Week Gallery Wall Calendar

Like a museum for your wall, Art Gallery Page-A-Week Calendar showcases a world-class collection of 52 masterpieces, meticulously detailed and reproduced in sumptuous full-color. Every week is a print of a breathtaking artwork or rare, beautiful artifact.

Flowers Page-A-Week Gallery Wall Calendar

Watch your wall bloom with a gallery of fresh and vibrant flowers, elegantly photographed in lush, full color. There’s a sumptuous, oversized image every week, each one a work of art for your wall. With a rich variety of blossoms—and a lively mix of flowers in the wild, studio shots, and garden scenes—the Flowers calendar is a year-long treasure for the flower lover.

Islands Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar

Although this isn't a new format, we have brought back the Islands calendar by popular demand! Just another day in paradise . . . every day. Back by popular demand, Islands Gallery is the gift of pure escape for your desktop, featuring hundreds of stunning photographs of tropical getaways. So, dig in your bare toes, kick back, and let the rest of the world fall away. Life doesn’t get much better than this. 


This Changes Everything 17-Month Planner

Shades on, hair up, coffee iced—and finally a planner that’s changing the organization game (we’re talking next-level amazingness) from August 2018 through December 2019. This Pipsticks planner is super fun, it’s colorful, it’s customizable—basically it’s the planner you’ve been waiting for. So what are you waiting for? You need This Changes Everything!

Building My Empire 17-Month Planner

Every #bossbabe needs a planner to help her conquer the year, and here’s yours for August 2018 through December 2019 with Building My Empire, by Pipsticks. There's gorgeous artwork, creative challenges (send fun mail to your long-distance BFFs!), quiz questions (Would you ever camp out for concert tickets?), and a unique sticker-tracking system throughout, perfect for recording workouts, water intake, or sleep and so much more! 

Just Getting Started 17-Month Planner

We know you’re on a roll. We also know it’s only getting better from here—and did we mention way more fun with this planner? Just Getting Started includes monthly creative prompts and inspiration, patterned sticky notes, an illustrated, full-color postcard, 6 large sheets of fun and functional stickers, an expandable storage pocket, and so much more! Thanks, Pipsticks!

Wall Calendars

My Perfectly Imperfect Life Wall Calendar

From Flow, which celebrates the imperfect, a calendar that offers a refreshing counterpoint to the perfectly curated, omnipresent Instagram lifestyle. Through colorful illustrations and captions, My Perfectly Imperfect Life cheers on the charming quirks and eccentricities that make each day unique.

Nice Jewish Guys Wall Calendar

A brand-new pin-up calendar of—wait for it—really Nice Jewish Guys (you can take them home to Mom!). Every month celebrates a charming and handsome member of the Chosen People, with quirky photographs and bios full of fun facts. Hot mensch alert!

Rosemary Gladstar's Herbs Wall Calendar

From renowned herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, author of the bestselling Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner’s Guide, a year of fortifying DIY remedies to boost your wellbeing naturally. Every month, gorgeous, full-color photographs of garden-fresh herbs and plants are paired with harvesting tips, as well as safe, effective, and easy-to-follow recipes for putting what you grow to good use.

The Teddy Bear Wall Calendar

Who couldn’t use a hug these days? Welcome back, Bialosky! America’s cuddliest cover model, as dashing as ever, returns for a new year of tenderness, warmth, and comfort. Featuring the “best of the best” from the archives of a calendar that sold 4.4. million copies, every month of the Teddy Bear Calendar displays a lovingly arranged mise-en-scène of truly adorable stuffed bears.

The Future Is Female Wall Calendar

Rally the women in your life for a year of activism, unity, and sisterhood. The Future Is Female is an inspirational call to action, pairing empowering quotes from feminist icons (I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept. —Angela Davis) with bold illustrations that celebrate the diverse, fearless faces of feminism.

Bitchcraft Wall Calendar

Like a coven in a calendar, Bitchcraft is a year of girl power with bad-ass attitude, pairing bewitching art by Neryl Walker with captions that embody every witchy woman’s inner thoughts. A witty gift for a girlfriend, sister, or any wannabe witch who likes to stir the pot.

Birds of North America Wall Calendar

The cutting-edge graphic design team Pop Chart Lab renders obsessions in infographics, turning massive amounts of data into singular works of art. Their debut calendar, Birds of North America Wall Calendar surveys the astounding variety of North American birds, spotlighting a new species every month in a clean, modern spread that is amplified by crisp, colorful illustrations.

Historic Warbirds Wall Calendar

Battles that altered the course of history. Missions that made servicemen into heroes. Aircraft that brought the Allies to victory. From the renowned military experts at Osprey Publishing, an awe-inspiring and ingeniously designed new calendar explores military aircrafts from the years 1939–45. As thorough as it is thrilling, Historic Warbirds is the perfect calendar for military and history buffs, airshow fans, and enthusiastic gamers of all ages.

Zen Wall Calendar

The visual harmony and peace of Zen, now in a wall calendar format inspired by the bestselling Little Zen Companion, with 530,000 copies in print, and the Page-A-Day calendar, with 1.1 million copies sold. “The only zen you can find on the tops of mountains is the zen you bring up there.”—Robert M. Pirsig.

Really Important Stuff My Cat Has Taught Me Wall Calendar

Glimpse the world through a cat’s eyes in a yearlong celebration of what’s important in life. Every month, an unforgettable feline-inspired motto is perfectly paired with a heartwarming photo. Possessing wisdom, humor, and style in equal measure, and inspired by Cynthia L. Copeland’s book, Really Important Stuff My Cat Has Taught Me is a cat lover’s delight.

Everything Grows With Love Wall Calendar

From Flow, here’s an upbeat yearlong reminder to appreciate the special people around you and to rejoice in life’s small pleasures with them. Month after month, Everything Grows With Love features quotes and precepts on life, love and friendship. It’s a joyful celebration of love in all its many forms.

Page-A-Day Calendars

A Year of Cat Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar

There’s always more to learn about cats, those mysterious, mischievous creatures. Did you know that the British Shorthair is one of the most ancient cat breeds in the world, dating back to the first century AD? With full-color photographs and charming illustrations throughout, A Year of Cat Trivia is here.

A Year of Dog Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar

Think you know everything about Man’s Best Friend? Guess again! A favorite pet meets a favorite pastime in the debut Dog Trivia Calendar. Discover the reason behind canine habits: Why do dogs lick their noses? Plus, spotlights on Famous Dogs, Canine Q&A’s, inspiring quotes, and so much more, with adorable, full-color photographs and illustrations throughout.

A Year of Gratitude Page-A-Day Calendar

From A Network for Grateful Living, a global organization promoting gratefulness, comes A Year of Gratitude, a calendar to inspire a year of abundance, joy, and hope. Each day, there is an inspiring quote (“Every time we feel satisfied with what we have, we can be counted as rich, however little we possess.”—Alain de Botton) with an accompanying prompt to spark further thought and action.

Wonder Page-A-Day Calendar

A daily serving of kindness that will bring joy to classrooms and families, the debut Wonder Page-A-Day Calendar captures the warmth and spirit of R. J. Palacio’s #1 New York Times bestselling book. These uplifting words can turn a whole day around.

A Year of True Crime Page-A-Day Calendar

True crime stories beckon to you from news headlines, sparking morbid curiosity and intrigue. You can’t look away. In A Year of True Crime, we offer a yearlong compendium of some of the most thrillingly sordid true crime tales, featuring serial killers, kidnappers, cult leaders, and more. "I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing." —H. H. Holmes, the killer who terrorized Chicago’s 1893 World’s Fair.

The Stupidest Sports Page-A-Day Calendar

Professional sports: It’s not all record-breaking feats or heartwarming teamwork. Did you know that solo synchronized swimming was an Olympic event for three consecutive Summer Games? And more buffoonery! The Stupidest Sports Page-A-Day Calendar, adapted from the book by Ross and Kathryn Petras.

Hoops: 365 Days of Basketball Trivia! Page-A-Day Calendar

Basketball’s fan base is bigger than ever—over 31 million viewers tuned in for the NBA Finals! In this slam-dunk addition to the sports trivia calendar line, test your knowledge of the greatest passes, plays, and record-breaking feats in the game’s history with Hoops: 365 Days of Basketball Trivia. With surprising victories, dubious distinctions, and quotes from all stars: You have to be able to accept failure to get better.—LeBron James.

Mini Calendars

We Are So Blessed Mini Calendar

Find joy all year long in a calendar of prayer and praise. Every month, We Are So Blessed spotlights inspiring words of Christian faith to soothe the soul and kindle the spirit, pairing them with contemporary, vibrant graphics and gorgeous hand-lettering by multiple artists. This uplifting calendar is a celebration of His guidance and benevolence—and of the grace and spiritual rejuvenation He inspires. 

Audubon Little Owls Mini Calendar

Cute, fluffy, and—we think—wise, palm-sized little owls are guaranteed to elicit an “awww” from bird fans of all ages. Lined up on a branch, feeding each other grubs, peeping out of their burrow, each full-color photograph in this debut calendar is irresistible, and the mini format of the Audubon Little Owls Mini Calendar is just the right fit for lockers, cubicles, or fridges. From the ornithology experts at Audubon.

Audubon Sweet Songbirds Mini Calendar

From the experts at Audubon, a year of Sweet Songbirds photographed nesting in their native habitats, opening beaks in song, perching on berry-bedecked branches, and showing off their plumage. Colorful, adorable, and a joy to hear or spot in nature, here are fluffy Warblers, chipper Carolina Chickadees, a pair of Cedar Waxwings, and a Black Crested Titmouse, mid-song and mid-flight.

Really Important Stuff My Cat Has Taught Me Mini Calendar

A little calendar with a big heart, pairing an irresistible cat photograph with just the right life lesson, the Really Important Stuff My Cat Has Taught Me Mini Calendar delivers insight and sparks joy with feline-inspired reflections every month. Entertaining, surprising, and just a bit wild, these cats encourage us to explore and take chances—all year long! Adapted from Cynthia L. Copeland’s warm and wise book for cat lovers.

Bad Dog Mini Calendar

And you thought cats were bad. . . . Behind their warm brown eyes and wagging tails, these dogs are up to no good, and no leash can restrain them. Inspired by the best‒selling Bad Cat series, every month features hilarious photos and captions of naughty dogs, cranky dogs, smart-aleck dogs, preppy dogs whose polished look shouldn’t fool you in the Bad Dog Mini Calendar! Man’s best friend? As if!

Everything Grows With Love Mini Calendar

A yearlong pick-me-up for friends and family, here are expressions that celebrate inspiration, gratitude, and, above all else, love in the Everything Grows With Love Mini Calendar. Every month, sweet, surprising affirmations and quotes from Flow's little gem of a book are illuminated by four different artists in gorgeous calligraphy, crafty photomontages, and playful hand lettering.

The Teddy Bear Mini Calendar

Rejoice, teddy bear fans! Teddies, those trusty old friends, are appearing on fashion runways (like, Moschino), in film (Goodbye, Christopher Robin), and now—in a new mini format—in the revival “best of” edition of the Teddy Bear Calendar for year-round joy to comfort the soul and cheer the spirit. Bialosky and friends star in charming monthly tableaux from the archives.

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