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Ryan Gosling's Dog Saga - Celebrities and Their Pets

Sun, 29 Sep 2019 - Animals & pets

Gosling and previous blog feature Eva Mendes adopted doberman puppy Lucho from the Friends for Life shelter this past July (2019), after the death of Gosling’s beloved (and oft photographed) dog, George.

Gosling and the late George

Lucho was adopted by Gosling and Mendes at eight months old. Before finding his forever fam, he was named Apollo. 

Lucho's mom, Athena, was listed in the free section of Offer Up in “poor condition.” Friends for Life rescued Athena and two weeks later, she gave birth to a litter of pups! Thus, Lucho was born.

Lucho was born alongside three other brothers and sisters. He was also the largest in the litter! Unfortunately, his size caused him some trouble. He was unable to stand until he was five weeks old and started walking at six. Poor Lucho!

Lucho's hefty size still hasn't stopped Ryan Gosling from being captured in more iconic dog-carrying photos by the paparazzi. After the original photos of Gosling carrying George that made headlines years ago, it's good to see Gosling is back to being a very sweet doggy dad. We can't to see more of the Ryan/Eva/Lucho family!

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