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Paws vs. Claws March Meowness and Bark Madness 2019

Mon, 11 Mar 2019 - Animals & pets

Forget (purrget?) college basketball—let the fur fly this March with our Page-A-Day March Meowness and Bark Madness game! This fun contest showcases just a few of the sweet, fuzzy, and adorable pet photos entered into our ongoing Page-A-Day Pet Contests. 

Vote now, and come back each week from now until April 7th to cheer on your favorite furry friends!

Pet Photo Contest

Enter your pet in our Pet Photo Contest for a chance to be a finalist in next year's Paws vs. Claws and to be featured in our bestselling cat and dog calendars!

Submit a photo of your pet!

Meet our BarkMadness Contestants:

Lineup #1:

Remi - Paws vs Claws 2019
Remi is is a two year old French Bulldog who love snuggling under the blankets in front of a warm fire.

Penelope - Paws vs Claws 2019
Miss Penelope is the sweetest little girl. She loves people, others dogs, car rides, and mud (unfortunately). She's everything I could've hoped for in a puppy

Lineup #2

Penny - Paws vs Claws 2019
Penny is a Pembroke Corgi who loves to smile and be happy! She enjoys being around her family and friends while lounging in the sun with her toys and of course tasty treats
Luna - Paws vs Claws 2019
Luna is such a LOVE BUG!!! A bundle of energy, she is alway down to go outside and chase a squirrel or cuddle up on the couch to watch our favorite TV shows. Her favorite day of the week is Friday and loves a good carrot!

Lineup #3

Lily - Paws vs Claws 2019
Lily is 7 years old and is a rescue. In fact, I am her third home! She loves her fur dog siblings, toys and actually she loves everyone. We are so lucky to have her part of our home!
Maxwell - Paws vs Claws 2019
Maxwell is the sweetest rescue you’ll ever meet. And he's an Instagram star!

Lineup #4

Stormie - Paws vs Claws 2019
Stormie turns heads wherever we go. Here he is modeling his GQ look, while normally he has that big Aussie smile going. He is lover of stuffed toys, car rides, long walks, digging holes and mostly everything Mom. He is always by my side.

Molly - Paws vs Claws 2019
Molly is a princess and she knows it! Molly was adopted at around 1 year old and loves her forever home! Her favorite activities include chasing squirrels, playing peakaboo with her mom, and eating duck jerky! She also loves to dress up in cute outfits and go to her favorite dog friendly stores.

Meet our MarchMeowness Contestants:

Lineup #1

Tiny Boots
It's hard to believe it took awhile for this handsome guy to be adopted. Our online inquiry to the OCAP animal shelter was promptly followed with a phone call. Tiny Boots had suffered intestinal blockage and most of his large intestine was removed. The fear of medical bills scared away many other possible adopters. Other than special food, you would never know he had surgery. Always be sure to give animals a chance to lead a healthy life in a loving home!
Ollie - Paws vs Claws 2019
Bright eyes Ollie is always ready to greet us each morning.

Lineup #2

Goyo - Paws vs Claws 2019
Goyo is a funny, sweet, and loving cat. He loves treats, looking out the window, playing with his toys, and cuddling. He has an adorable personality that causes anyone who meets him to instantly fall in love him.
Grace - Paws vs Claws 2019
Grace was born on February 3, 2005. She will be turning 14 next month. She was 4 years old in this photo. Ever since she was a baby, she has always had a big loud purr. She loves to cuddle up on her blanket next to me, then knead and purr loudly. She's not a lap cat and hates to be held, which is a departure from when she was a kitten. Then, we held her all of the time and she loved it. She does love to be petted and have her head scratched, though. She is a feisty girl, who loves to race through the house at high speed and she also loves napping in a sunbeam. A year and a half ago, she was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes. After a month of insulin shots twice a day and a change in diet, she went into remission and is still doing well today. She is our baby and we love her dearly!

Lineup #3

Cora - Paws vs Claws 2019
Cora was adopted from the shelter along with her twin sister Colita. Neither of the kitties have tails, and this has caused Cora to be a little less balanced and graceful than most kitties. She LOVES belly rubs and will often be found laying around the house on her back, belly up, ready for love!
Reilly - Paws vs Claws 2019
Eight years ago, I found Reilly nursing on a very hot sidewalk when he was about 4 months old. We were able to trap Mom and him and I adopted Reilly and took his very pregnant Mom to our local animal shelter for fostering where she gave birth to 5 healthy kittens three days later. All the kittens and Mom were adopted and Reilly has been a true blessing.

Lineup #4

Latke - Paws vs Claws 2019
Latke, named for his golden potato color, may have a few tricks up his sleeves but when it comes to being cute, he is a natural-born master.
Oogie Boogie - Paws vs Claws 2019
Oogie Boogie was adopted into our family this past year and he is nothing less than perfect. Oogie is full of character, and has such a sweet personality. If he isn't playing with his sister, he is most likely sleeping, or eating.

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