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Peek Inside Our Art Gallery Page-A-Day Calendar 2020

Tue, 24 Sep 2019 - Fashion & art

The Art Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2020 contains a year of hundreds of masterpieces, mesmerizingly reproduced in glossy, full-color photographs. 

This gorgeous calendar features a diverse and international selection, dating from prehistoric to contemporary art, this calendar is a veritable world history of art in day after day of richly detailed sculpture, painting, photography, woodblock prints, and crafts.

In the Art Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2020, you'll find Beauford Delaney’s modern and reverent oil painting of James Baldwin, Su Hanchen’s finely detailed silk scrolls, a ’60s Campbell’s Soup–patterned pop art dress, and a glowing gold and turquoise Aztec shield—and so many more captivating treasures.

This calendar is a world history of art in a year of masterpieces, with sculptures, paintings, photographs, woodcuts, and crafts that arrest the eye. Hieronymous Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights. A Malevich collage, vibrating with color. Ancient jewelry and ceramics, and intimate portraits. 

It will make any desktop feel like a trip to the fine art museum.

Our bestselling calendars, like Art Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar, sell out every year! Order yours today.

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