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Peek Inside Our Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2020

Tue, 22 Oct 2019 - Games & puzzles

The Original Sudoku Page-A-Day Calendar 2020 is hands-down the best Sudoku calendar out there! From Nikoli, the Japanese publisher that created Sudoku, it’s a year of handcrafted—never computer-made—puzzles. 

Each one is like a meeting of the minds between you and the puzzle creator. Striking the perfect balance of challenge and solvability, this calendar features simpler puzzles over the weekend, then ramps up the skill level over the course of the week, and includes 365 all-new puzzles, printed in lively full color. 

Answers on the reverse of each page!

2020 Sudoku Puzzles

The gold-standard calendar for Sudoku aficionados. 

Go head-to-head with the masters at Nikoli, the Japanese creators of the game, in hundreds of hand-crafted (never computer-generated) logic puzzles. 

Kick off the weekend with simpler puzzles, then challenge yourself as the level of difficulty increases throughout the week. 

2020 Sudoku Puzzles

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