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Pets of Page-a-Day: Anna and Oliver Bean

Mon, 08 Jul 2019 - Animals & pets

Meet Oliver Bean, a sassy (and Instagram famous) Pomeranian and his human, Anna. Anna is on the Editorial team here and edits some of our favorite calendars like A Year of Dog Trivia Page-A-Day Calendar 2020 and Paris Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2020. Enjoy our interview with Oliver, and don't forget to submit your pet's photo in the Page-A-Day photo contest for a chance to have your pet featured in our calendars!

1. What do you and Anna like to do together?

I am fairly independent (I have a ramp so that I can get up onto the bed on my own), but I include her in my activities from time to time. When I do doga, she does yoga. We also meditate together, read together, and enjoy intense, philosophical, spiritually-involved conversations. She also likes to manage my Instagram account, @oliverbeanthepom.

2. Do you two ever disagree about anything?

What a good question. She'd say no, but in reality, I do take issue with a lot of her actions. Sometimes she doesn't take my choice into account when choosing movies, sometimes she takes me on errands when I would really rather have some alone time, and sometimes she goes on "vacations" and leaves me behind. That last one could be considered morally reprehensible.

3. What's your favorite treat?

Smooth peanut butter. I like for it to be organic, but nicely mixed. I prefer that it be served on a small metal spoon (plastic ruins the taste). I can't quite explain how delicious it is. The texture is certainly singular. I have tried many brands (including homemade) and I consider myself a conoisseur. I also like feta cheese and fresh mozzarella.

4. Let's talk about your coat. How do you keep it so fluffy?

I'm going to level with you—I hate baths. In fact, I'm a prominent figure in the Instagram movement #PomsAgainstBathtime. And I hate getting brushed. But because of my size, I am bullied into both. It is absolutely terrible. My Pom life hack for supreme fluffiness, though, is simply standing in the wind. Highly recommend.

5. Do you know any tricks?

Pomeranians are notoriously clever and stubborn—and I am no exception. This means that I know many tricks, but choose to perform only some of them at select times. I am particularly talented at sit, stay, and manipulate. The last one is self-taught.

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