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Pets of Page-a-Day: Cindy and Molly

Tue, 19 Mar 2019 - Animals & pets

Meet Molly, a native New York cat, and her human, Cindy. Cindy is the Workman Marketing Manager and a self-proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady! Enjoy our interview with Molly, and don't forget to submit your pet's photo in the Page-A-Day photo contest for a chance to have your pet featured in our calendars!

  1. How did you two meet?
  2. The details are fuzzy but one day some people lured me into a cage and took me to the vet. I later learned they were rescuers from an organization called Bushwick Street Cats. After a thorough check-up at the vet, they took me to an adoption day at a local pet store. It was a rainy, quiet day and I was just napping in my bed. Then this couple turned up and they wanted to pet me. I was kind of annoyed they interrupted my beauty sleep but they seemed nice, and a few days later, I was taken to their home—our home now ♥

  3. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done?
  4. I always do little naughty things and mostly get away with it but one time I crossed the line. One morning I was hungry so much earlier than my usual breakfast time (I must admit this happens quite frequently). My human got up to use the bathroom but ignored my cries and told me it was too early for breakfast. When she got back in to bed, I hit her face with my paw. Really hard! But no claws because I do love my human. Sometimes hunger can bring out my wild side.

  5. What are your favorite snacks?
  6. I don’t know if it’s because I toughed it out on the streets of New York in my first year on this earth, but I’m really into bagels, pizza (image below), and eggs (preferably scrambled). I can’t explain it. I also can’t explain how I was on this carb-heavy diet but only 3 pounds at the time of my rescue. I digress. Anyway, when I hear my humans crack an egg and I can smell it cooking on the frying pan, I start meowing in a pitiful manner and do my best Puss n Boots expression to get me some of that egg goodness.

  7. What’s your biggest fear?
  8. I’m not embarrassed to say that I’m afraid of a lot of things, but strangers are probably my number one fear. When I hear the buzzer or doorbell, I know it’s not one of my humans, so I freak out and run to my hiding spot. I know all about stranger danger. My other fear is an extension of the first—it’s when my humans go out of town and a stranger comes to visit me daily. The first time it happened was when they went on vacation to Portugal. Every time I hear the word “Portugal” I get extremely nervous.

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