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Rachel Ray's Puppy! Celebrities and Their Pets

Mon, 04 Mar 2019 - Animals & pets

We all know Rachel Ray as the famous Food Network chef from 30 Minute Meals, but did you know Rachel Ray loves Pitbulls? While Ray and her husband John Cusimano have no human children, they have been proud parents of rescue pups for years.


Rachel Ray and John Cusimano lost their dog named Boo in 2005 when the 12-year-old Pitbull passed away unexpectedly during a routine vet exam. After losing Boo, they decided to adopt another red nosed Pitbull--a girl named Isaboo.

Isaboo just celebrated her 14th birthday on February 5. She is a happy, healthy, and very spoiled girl. Rachel Ray has been quoted saying she cooks every meal for Isaboo from scratch!


Isaboo gets a birthday cake made of ground beef, pork, barley, carrots, and bacon, topped with roasted beets and cream cheese every year. If you’d like to give making your doggos a cake as well, Ray published the article here:

Isaboo doesn’t just eat junk food though. She is a firm believer of the mantra, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

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Ray is passionate about helping animals, and her dog food line Nutrish has donated over $23.5 million to helping animals in need.

What are Isaboo’s other interests you ask? She enjoys gardening, squirrel watching, frolicking in the snow, and playing with her ball.

Have you ever adopted a rescue? Let us know in the comments!

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