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Regis Philbin's Himalayan! Celebrities and Their Pets

Sat, 05 Jan 2019 - Animals & pets

Regis Philbin chooses Ashley, his Himalayan, as the world's best cat. Yes, that's his final answer. 

Regis Philbin is known for his time on "Live with Regis and Kelly,"  which ran from 1988-2011. He was also the host of the popular game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, where he coined the phrase, "Is that your final answer?" 

Regis is a proud cat owner, and he's even shown off his cat on television. When prepping for a live appearance, Ashley was shaved in error by groomers, but, being a consummate professional, Regis rolled with it. “You’re indestructible, right Ashley?” he said to the cat. And to the audience, he announced, “He’s a beautiful boy, he really is.”

Regis's wife Joy said, “Sometimes I think Regis misses Ashley more than he misses me.  On our last vacation, I don’t think a day went by that he didn’t tell me how much he missed Ashley.” Ashley, sadly, has passed away since his television debut. 

Regis also had the honor of hosting many impressive pets on his live morning talk show. Below, see a picture of the television star with a gorgeous feline guest who is large and clearly a star in the making.  

Do you love your pet *almost* as much as Regis Philbin? 

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