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Serena Williams' Yorkie Dog, Chip - Celebrities and Their Pets

Thu, 20 Jun 2019 - Animals & pets

We know Serena Williams as the tennis superstar, but have you ever wondered about Serena Williams' pets?

Serena is a dog lover and has two dogs: Lauralei (Shih Tzu?) and Christopher Chip Rafael Nadal (Yorkshire Terrier). Serena had three pooches until her late pup Jackie Baila Pete Williams (Jack Russell Terrier) passed away in 2015.

While Lauralei is somewhat of an enigma (she rarely makes appearances in Serena's social media), Chip obviously loves the spotlight. Following suit of other celebrity pets, Chip has his own Instagram account.

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Calling the shots 🎱
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Even though Chip has a human little sister now (Alexis Olympia), mom Serena Williams and papa Alexis Ohanian still give him plenty of love. When asked by fans if Chip ever gets jealous of his sis, Serena responded, “I don’t think he’s jealous, he’s more in ignore mode. She loves him, all she wants to do is play but he doesn’t want to.”

When Serena won Wimbledon in 2015, Chip was very excited for his mom! Check out how adorable he is in this video Serena took shortly after her victory.

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In the January 2018 issue of Vogue, it was revealed that Chip, though a celebrity pet is just like any other pet: desperately trying to distract Serena while she does her workouts. 

We guess celebrities--and their pets--really are just like us!

How many human brothers and sisters do your pets have?

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