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20% off Summer Beach Reads 2019

Tue, 23 Jul 2019

In honor of our Algonquin Books giveaway, take 20% off the following books using code BEACHREADS19

Courting Mr. LincolnA page-turning novel about the brilliant, melancholic future president and the two people who knew him best: his handsome and charming confidant (and roommate), Joshua Speed, and the spirited young debutante Mary Todd. Save 20% now with the discount code BEACHREADS19.

Tasting the Past -  "A vintner’s blend of science, history, travel, and tantalizing drink recommendations." —Amy Stewart, author of The Drunken Botanist

In search of a mysterious wine he once tasted in a hotel room minibar, journalist Kevin Begos travels along the original wine routes—from the Caucasus Mountains, where wine grapes were first domesticated eight thousand years ago, crossing the Mediterranean to Europe, and then America—and unearths a whole world of forgotten grapes, each with distinctive tastes and aromas. We meet the scientists who are decoding the DNA of wine grapes, and the historians who are searching for ancient vineyards and the flavors cultivated there. Begos discovers wines that go far beyond the bottles of Chardonnay and Merlot found in most stores and restaurants, and he offers suggestions for wines that are at once ancient and new. Save 20% now with the discount code BEACHREADS19.

The Collector's Apprentice - "A clever and complex tale of art fraud, theft, scandal, murder, and revenge.” --Publishers Weekly. In this surprising, noirish page-turner, bestselling author of The Art Forger B. A. Shapiro once again takes readers into the world of art, glamour, and mystery. Accused of helping her fiancé steal her family’s fortune and her father’s art collection, Paulien Mertens has fled to France. To protect herself from the law and the wrath of those who lost everything, she has created a new identity. Save 20% now with the discount code BEACHREADS19.

In the Neighborhood of True - A powerful story of love, identity, and the price of fitting in or speaking out.

“The story may be set in the past, but it couldn’t be a more timely reminder that true courage comes not from fitting in, but from purposefully standing out . . . and that to find out who you really are, you have to first figure out what you’re not.” —Jodi Picoult, New York Times bestselling author of A Spark of Light and Small Great ThingsSave 20% now with the discount code BEACHREADS19.

The Darwin Affair“Intellectually stimulating and viscerally exciting, The Darwin Affair is breathtaking from start to stop.” —The Wall Street Journal

Get ready for one of the most inventive and entertaining novels of 2019—an edge-of-your-seat Victorian-era thriller, where the controversial publication On the Origin of Species sets off a string of unspeakable crimes.Save 20% now with the discount code BEACHREADS19.

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