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The Pets of Page-A-Day: SarahMay and Buffy

Fri, 09 Nov 2018 - Animals & pets

Page-A-Day is pleased to offer up another cute and hilarious interview with a member of our staff and their beloved pet! Meet Buffy, a longhair tortoiseshell and her human, SarahMay. SarahMay is the Assistant Manager for Web Operations and oversees our lovely website, the website, social media, and so much more! Enjoy our interview with Buffy, and don't forget to submit your pet's photo in the Page-A-Day photo contest for a chance to have your pet featured in our calendar!

1. Buffy, could you please tell us the origin of your name?

I am Buffy the Moth Slayer, Breaker of Jars, Pooper on Floors, and Queen of the Unfluffable. My name is me, and I am my name, and it has been this way since the dawn of time.

2. What are things you do to help your human mom out with her day-to-day life?

My mom unfortunately requires constant help. Honestly, I worry when she escapes the apartment into the world without me there to watch her. Between running around to guard the house while she sleeps, to cushioning her footfalls with my tail when she walks, to helping her move items from tables and desks down to the floor, it's a wonder she survived as long as she did without me. The work I do is unappreciated, but I do it all the same, because I foolishly love the silly human.

3. How do you maintain such fine and lustrous fur? What do you do for self-care?

Thank you for noticing and acknowledging my beautiful coat. The trick is to not let humans touch it, and promptly and meticulously cleaning if they pet you.

4. What’s your favorite toy, T.V. show, and hobby?

My favorite toy is a ziptie or any other small piece of trash such as a crinkly paper, or iPhone headphones. My favorite tv show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she was named after me, and many of her adventures parallel my life's adventures. My favorite hobby is to attack my human father, who is a terrible hunter, but insists on trying to best me in skirmishes. He always crawls away bloody and bruised and beaten.

5. What's Buffy the Slayer's latest challenge?

I’ve recently tamed a 108 pound German Shepherd/Malamute mix. His name is Mirkwood Forest Harel, and after a few brief skirmishes, he bows to me now.

Don't forget to submit your pet's photo in the Page-A-Day photo contest for a chance to see your pet in one of our bestselling calendars! (Note: employees of the Workman Publishing Company and its subsidiaries are not permitted to submit photos to the contest.)

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