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10 Famous Dogs on Instagram: Tiny Dogs

Thu, 22 Aug 2019 - Animals & pets

Here at Page-A-Day, we are dog people. We love the furry ones even when they shed, the curly ones even when they tangle, and the silly ones—especially when they chase their tails and make us laugh. Collectively, our staff probably spends at least five hours a day gawking at famous dogs on Instagram and sharing the cutest pictures with our followers. 

But honestly, what's cuter than a pocket-sized pooch? Is it even possible to resist the face of a tiny dog?

So without further ado, here are our 10 favorite tiny dogs on Instagram.

1. @kiarathepomsky

Kiara is a pomsky: a pomeranian/husky mix. Need we say more? What could be cuter than a husky? A tiny husky, of course!

2. @duckytheyorkie

Ducky is an LA Yorkshire terrier whose Instagram is filled with cute nap photos. Ducky's bright and pastel-rich photos make our hearts sing. We wanna take a nap too!

3. @walterthechi

Talk about a dapper dog! Walter the chihuahua mix is the best-dressed pup we've seen in years. The tiny bow ties, the tiny sweaters: it's all too cute!

4. @thestanantonio

Stan the shih tzu's smile is absolutely infectious! His account is chock-full with photos of all of his endeavors--most of them filled with a big old grin.

5. @lolabear_and_mo

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When none of your friends are down for happy hour
A post shared by Lola & Mo (@lolabear_and_mo) on

Bichpoo (bichon frise/poodle) Lola and maltipoo Mo (maltese/poodle) are so teeny and soft, we can hardly even believe they're real! Think goldendoodle, but pocket-sized. You're definitely going to want to see the snuggle photos of these two.

6. @tofu_corgi

As if a corgi named Tofu wasn't adorable enough, this dog also has eyebrows! The facial expressions of Tofu are priceless. Plus, there's a particular video of Tofu dressed as Cubone from Pokémon that we can't. Stop. Watching.

7. @philomenathepug

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Pretty in pink 💖
A post shared by Philomena the Pug (@philomenathepug) on

Don't be fooled, Philomena isn't sad--that's just her face! And don't you just want to hold that little face in your hands and kiss it? She walks with a leg brace she wears in many a color, serving us all the looks.

8. @olive.and.gus

Olive is a Boston terrier who loves to play, wear silly hats, and cuddle under blankies. Us too, Olive!

9. @riggs_the_blue_frenchie

Riggs is a goofy little French bulldog who spends his time adventuring the great outdoors. A visit to his Instagram shows some great photos with highlights of Riggs sitting like a human.

10. @patchandwally

Patch and Wally are standard and toy Australian Shepherd siblings. They are loving life in New England, and sport some seriously heart-melting best friend photos. Talk about two happy pups!

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