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Contest Details

Photo Submission Guide

How To Submit

Electronic: To enter the Page-A-Day® Pet Contests, go to the submission page, and follow the prompts to fill out the contest entry form.

Physical: You can submit to the contest by mail. Please read the rules and complete the information on the downloadable PDFs here.

Mail form to:

Pet Calendar Contest
Workman Publishing Co., Inc.
201 Varick St.
P.O. Box 664
New York, NY 10014

What We’re Looking For

Special consideration will be given to mood studies, beautiful portraits, humor, action shots, unusual snapshots, and photos that capture the flavor of specific holidays. Photos that include humans or any evidence of indignity or injury will be immediately disqualified.

Photo Tips

  1. Stay in focus.
  2. Avoid cluttered backgrounds.
  3. No people are allowed in the photo.
  4. Pay attention to the lighting—make sure photo isn't too dark or too light (so it can be reproduced).
  5. Nothing inappropriate: no injuries, genitalia, eye goo, mouth sores, and so on.
  6. All images must be uploaded at the highest quality available in a .Tiff, .JPG, or .PNG format. This file has to be at least 300 dpi for the format of the calendar (width: 5.25 inches or height: 5.25 inches). Remember that we can reduce a photo in size successfully, but not enlarge it.
  7. Pets can be funny, cute, majestic, or artsy—just be creative.
  8. Avoid red or white reflective eyes.
  9. Make sure to include all requested information—your entry isn't complete without your pet's information (name, breed, gender) a brief pet bio.


Any questions about contest rules or photo submissions can be sent to team@pageaday.com.

Contest Rules

See official Page-A-Day Photo Contest Rules here.

2021 Grand Prize Winners

The Grand Prize winners for our 2021 submission cycle for the Page-A-Day® Pet Contest are…

365 Dogs Page-A-Day® Calendar 2023*

  • Pet Name: Joy / Pet Parent: Susanna Elm

365 Cats Page-A-Day® Calendar 2023*:

  • Pet Name: Dusty / Pet Parent: Anice Hunter

365 Puppies-A-Year Picture-A-Day® Wall Calendar 2023:

  • Pet Name: Kenzie / Pet Parent: Tina Benscoter

365 Kittens-A-Year Picture-A-Day® Wall Calendar 2023:

  • Pet Name: Peepers / Pet Parent: Amy Auriene

Bad Cat Wall Calendar 2023/Bad Cat Page-A-Day® Calendar 2023:

  • Pet Name: Ash / Pet Parent: MeiLee Langley

*365 Dogs Page-A-Day® Calendar 2023 and 365 Cats Page-A-Day® Calendar 2023 Contest Update: Due to COVID related production issues, submissions for the 365 Dogs Page-A-Day® Calendar 2023 and 365 Cats Page-A-Day® Calendar 2023 will not be featured in those calendars. Grand prize-winning submissions will be featured in future 365 Cat and Dog Page-A-Day® Calendars.

For a full list of winners, please email team@pageaday.com.